Herbal Goods

Do any of your products contain cannabis/THC?
No. While comparisons have been made between copal resin and CBD products, copal resin is sourced from a tree and does not contain THC.

Are your herbal goods safe for use with medication?
Please consult your physician for professional guidance before using any herbal good. Some herbs are contraindicated for use with certain medications and medical conditions.

Do you have herbal goods to support specific areas of self-care?
We offer general collections of herbal goods to support certain aspects of self-care. Some of our herbal goods are seasonal and some are offered in limited batches. If you do not see something you like, please ask us about scheduling a personalized self-care consult to create a custom herbal good.

Do your herbal teas contain black or green tea (camellia sinensis)?
No. Our herbal teas (also known as tisanes), do not include tea leaves or any herb derived from tea leaves, and are therefore safe for those who do not consume tea.

Refunds & Exchanges

Can I get a return once my item arrives?
We stand behind the quality of our products. If within 3 days of delivery, you are unsatisfied with the item, we will gladly offer a refund, less shipping and a $15 restocking fee. An additional $10 fee will also apply for customized items.

You are responsible for returning the item within a reasonable timeframe, and in excellent condition. Please choose the most appropriate carrier, and be sure to take clear pictures of the item before you send it, in case damages occur during shipping.

We reserve the right to waive the restocking fees in cases where craftsmanship/quality of the item is in question. Please see the policy below on Changing or Updating an Order for more information.

Once we receive the return, you'll then receive an email confirming the refund details. You can expect returned funds to arrive in your bank account within 5-7 business days.

Contact us at doug@jacksmountaintea.com if you have any questions on this process.

Can I get a new item if my item arrives damaged?
Please send us clear photos of the damage to your item, and a detailed description, within 24 hours of delivery to doug@jacksmountaintea.com and we will replace or repair your piece once it is received and the damage can be assessed. In the event that we cannot replace your item for you, we may offer a refund to allow you to place a new order.

It is our policy to replace items in these cases, but if you specifically request a refund, restocking fees will apply as per our returns policy.

What happens if my item is damaged after using it?
Jacks Mountain is not responsible for items damaged after using.

What do I do if I received the wrong item?
Please contact us at doug@jacksmountaintea.com with the exact details of the item you received and someone from our customer support team will be happy to help straighten it out for you!

It is our policy to exchange items in these cases, but if you specifically request a refund, restocking fees will apply as per our returns policy.

Cancelling an Order

Can I cancel my order?
There is a timer on every product page that counts down until the next batch is sent out. Once your item is batched you can no longer cancel your order. To cancel your order before it is batched, contact us at doug@jacksmountaintea.com

We reserve the right to offer discretionary cancellation of your order, with fees applying as per our returns policy.

Changing or Updating an Order

I ordered the wrong item, can I change it?
Once your item is batched you can no longer change your order. To change your order, contact us at doug@jacksmountaintea.com.

Can I add an item to my order?
For security purposes, we don’t hold credit card information in our system. If you would like to purchase another item and have already completed your order, you will need to place another order. If you need help placing an order, feel free to contact us at doug@jacksmountaintea.com

Placing an Order

How do I choose what size or options I want for the product I’m ordering?
Every product has options to select the perfect style for you. Make sure you choose want you want carefully and review your purchase at checkout! If you believe you made a mistake after you’ve checked out, contact us at doug@jacksmountaintea.com to make any changes. You can also see our policy on Changing or Updating an Order.

If I forget to apply a coupon at checkout, can you apply it after?
We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but we are unable to apply coupon codes after you’ve already completed your purchase.

What if I didn’t receive my confirmation email?
No worries, we can send it to you! Just contact us at doug@jacksmountaintea.com and we’ll resend it to you.


When is my card charged?
Your card is charged immediately after you make your purchase. For security reasons and the length of time it takes to produce each item, we cannot hold pending charges in our system and charge you when the item ships. See our Refund Policy or read about Item Goals Not Met to learn more about when we issue refunds.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We accept PayPal, and we also accept pre-paid gift cards from all major banks (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).

Can I send a check or money order to purchase something?
At this point, we cannot accept any payments via the mail, including cash, check, or money order.

Is my payment secure?
Yes, it is 100% secure. We work with one of the leading global payment providers—Stripe. Stripe is Level 1 PCI certified (the highest level attainable), and uses the most up-to-date SSL and encryption security techniques to ensure all payments flowing through their platform are protected.


How do you ship your packages?
Currently, we ship everything USPS First Class.

How much does shipping cost?
US shipping costs $4.50 per order.

Canadian shipping costs $10.99

All other International shipping costs $15.99.

Do you ship internationally?
We ship to most countries all over the world. Feel free to email us at doug@jacksmountaintea.com to if you have questions. Customers are responsible for customs, duties, import taxes, and other fees associated with bringing our product into their country.

Can I pay for expedited shipping?
We currently do not offer expedited shipping.

Can I change my shipping address?
You can do this at any time before your order is shipped. Contact us at doug@jacksmountaintea.com and one of our customer support team members will help you out!

When your item is shipped you will receive an email confirmation with tracking information. Once your item has shipped, you can no longer change your shipping address.

What if my shipping tracking isn’t moving?
Once we ship something, the USPS is responsible for the transit of the shipment. It may take 1-2 business days for the USPS tracking information to update with initial shipping information. If after 3 business days the shipment tracking has still not updated, or if your shipment stop updating before delivery, please contact us at doug@jacksmountaintea.com and we can help get to the bottom of it with USPS. Unfortunately, if USPS can’t determine where the item is or what happened to it, we are unable to issue a refund.

What if my tracking shows “Delivered” but I haven’t received it?
Once we ship something, the USPS is responsible for delivering the shipment safely and securely. Contact us at doug@jacksmountaintea.com and we can help get to the bottom of it with USPS. Unfortunately, if USPS can’t determine where the item was left or what happened to it, we are unable to issue a refund.

What if my item was “Returned to Sender?”
If your order has been deemed undeliverable by the post it will be returned back to us within 7 - 10 business days. If we can solve the problem, we will ship it back to you at no additional cost and you will receive another shipping email notification with tracking info. If we can’t figure out why it was returned to us, we may reach out to you for address confirmation or a new address before we ship it again.

Unless we are unable to make the item at all due to reasons beyond our control, cancellation of your order is not possible based on an item running past the estimated timeframe for shipping.