About Us

Supporting Self-Care with Personal Recipes and Organic Ingredients

We are committed to offering you high quality herbal goods with as many locally grown and organic herbs as possible—including hand-picked herbs that we source from local growers to create the finest self-care products available.

Jacks Mountain Self-Care Co. is the outpouring of our experience in herbalism, spirituality, mental health, and Army life.

What started as a simple herbal extract for Alan during his transition from a full-time Army career turned into oil blends, extracts, herbal teas, and salves designed with veterans and military families in mind. Our original line includes a variety of herbal goods to support the body's natural detox process, sleep, calm and grounding, and cognitive function. Herbalism also became a way of creating connection between rural Pennsylvania and city life in Texas.

We started at farmers markets and vendor events with a line of four teas, bath soaks, and oil blends, and 2 salves. In 2019, we joined with Doug to open our brick and mortar shop in 2020 and welcome Corey to our team.

All of our herbal goods are house recipes. We are now pleased to offer both a general assortment of bath soaks, herbal teas, infused and essential oil blends, and herbal extracts, as well as personalized self-care consults to create self-care goods just for you. Please check out Restore: Self-Care Consults for more information about self-care consults.

We are a veteran, woman, and minority-owned business.

Please note that we do not ship herbal extracts.